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Her little foot quivered as warm breath touched the wet toenail polish. The purple makeup’s fumes filled the one room apartment, and caused Jamie’s eyes to water.

“Mama, that tickles,” she said.

“ Almost done Jamie,” replied her mother.

“Then I’ll have pretty toes just like you mama.”

“You do have nice toes. In fact they look almost good enough to eat,” said her mother.

The little girl began to squeal as her mom gently tickled the soles of her feet.

“Now hurry up and get dressed we’re going to be late to meet your grandma.”

With a hop and skip the girl was up and getting dressed. Pale skin shown through the tattered holes in her jeans, and her pink shirt was faded showing the effects of a multitude of washings. In spite of her obvious lack of riches the girls heart was full of joy. A mother’s love is undervalued in this world of lust and wealth, but in the eyes of the little girl it was clear that her coffers had been filled with its priceless warmth.