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Monday and the Good Guy

“It’s barbecue time big boy,” said Larry. He picked up little Mike and bounced him on his shoulder. “Barbecue, Barbecue, Barbecue,” the two of them chanted. It was a beautiful sunny August day. A Monday to be exact. Larry should have been in a dreary office sitting barley visible behind a mountain of paperwork. Family time was more important, so he took a sick day.

“That’s my steak daddy,” said little Mike.

“Oh, really? Because, I had dibs on that one,” said his father.

“Daddy always was a meany!” said Sarah. She kissed Larry on the cheek and rubbed her little ones head. “Now come to momma. Dad needs to finish up dinner.” The little boy giggled and jumped in to his mothers arms. Sarah looked over her husbands handiwork. “Looks like you missed the pepper on that one,” she said. He gave her a wry smile.

“You know very well I don’t like pepper,” he replied.

“Oh, do I? Hmm…maybe a little pepper would save you a few hours in the gym,” she said. With a smile and another giggle from little Mike she patted Larry’s pot belly.

“Very funny woman. Keep it up and I’ll give you a little exercise. If you know what I mean?” said Larry. With that, he reached and grabbed a hand full of Sarah’s derriere.

“What’s he talking about momma?” said little Mike.

“Just you never mind sweetie. Daddy’s a silly goose,” she replied. She gave Larry a flirtatious smile, winked, and walked away.

“Love you babe,” yelled Larry.

He picked up a cutting board upon which were three large porterhouse steaks. A wide eyed grin crossed his face. “ Barbecue time!” he said again. With the cutting board in one hand and a large two pronged fork in the other, he headed for the backyard. Using his backside he slid open the glass door leading to the patio and the grill. He breathed in the fresh air. Then Larry stepped outside. A coil in the water hose caught his foot. The smile on his face turned to fear. A moment later he was on the ground. The steaks were spread out across the perfectly fitted patio bricks. The sharp end of the barbecue fork protruded from the back of his skull.

The blood curdling screams of Sarah and the cries from little Mike filled the air. The clouds rolled overhead and shaded the backyard. The birds sang their songs, while bumble bees hummed and drank from flowers in the garden. It was a beautiful summer day.