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Head in an Alleyway

“Who the hell are you?”

The silhouette said nothing. The footsteps had echoed behind her for a good two blocks. When she stopped, so did they. Now faced with her admirer, she displayed her wears. Lilly ran her hand up the side of her fishnet stockings until reaching her crotch. She slowly let one finger rest on her panties and massaged herself.

“You got money? This pussy isn’t free,” she said. Lilly waited but there was no response. The man stood shrouded in darkness like a deep black statue.

“Why do I always get the fuck’n freaks? Listen dip-shit I ain’t got all night. You want some company or not?”

The click of the man’s hard soled shoes echoed though the alley, as he began to advance.

“That’s what I thought. It’s $150.00 for an hour. If you ain’t got no place to go, I’ve got a place around the corner. If you want a hand-job or your cock sucked it’s $80.00, we can do it right here,” she said.

Four crisp twenty dollar bills appeared from the man’s trench coat pocket. She snatched them from his fingers and deposited them between her breasts.

“I’m going to blow your mind honey. Don’t cum in my mouth!” she warned, “Tell me when.”

The stranger unzipped his pants. His penis was smaller than you’d think a man of his stature would have. She covered her teeth with her lips and began to suck. Deep moans came from the man. He clutched the back of her head and began to thrust.

A glint of light flickered from something in his right hand. The knife plunged deep into the top of her skull. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she began to twitch. Removing his cock, he pulled her head back to reveal her soft neck. He carefully sliced around the circumference of her throat. It took several twists and jerks to remove her head.

Blood poured from the open stump onto his still hard penis. Stroke after stroke he assaulted his dick, the blood was the lube. He looked deep into the dead woman’s half open eyes and kissed the severed head. Another deep moan and he was finished. He let loose of the bloody mass of hair. A dull thump, and the head rolled off behind a dumpster.

The sound of the dark man’s heels echoed again through the empty alley. A cell phone rang.

“Hello, darling. Yes, I’m on my way now. No, no, honey you and the kids go ahead and start dinner without me. OK, see you in a few. Love you.”